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Large Catastrophic “CAT” Loss

Chartwell Law’s Large Loss and Catastrophic or CAT practice brings decades of national experience with large, complex and catastrophic losses occurring from natural disasters and weather-related events such as hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, fires, earthquakes, earth movement and tornadoes and from catastrophic accidents, explosions and events involving:

  • maritime terminals, cruise lines, marinas and boatyards, ships, yachts, watercraft and boats, cargo and hull and machinery;
  • industrial, manufacturing, power generation, refinery and mining facilities;
  • commercial, retail, shopping centers and malls and restaurants;
  • resorts, hotels and golf courses;
  • residential housing, single family homes, multi-family homes and apartments and condominiums;
  • municipal buildings, churches, schools and universities;
  • telecommunications, television and video production facilities;
  • historical buildings and green buildings;
  • airports, freight, transportation hubs, automobiles, trucking, motor coaches and buses


Chartwell Law’s Rapid Response Team

In the wake of catastrophic events, the attorneys at Chartwell Law realize our clients will confront a myriad of complex legal issues and that time is of the essence. To assist our clients in these often frantic and disastrous situations, Chartwell Law’s Rapid Response Team is available 24-hours, seven days a week to help clients identify and prepare for those legal issues, preserve their interests, and minimize exposure to future liability.

The members of our Rapid Response Team have extensive experience in the urgent handling of disastrous losses.  Our years of experience handling these situations combined with our network of professionals and experts who help coordinate and oversee large CAT claims has proven to be invaluable to our clients.

To reach members of Chartwell Law’s Rapid Response Team please contact:

Michael J. Diamond
Phone: 215-972-5402
Cell:  267-303-8366

Derek E. Lloyd
Phone: 786- 878-6155
Cell: 305-609-1934

David A. Brosnihan
Phone:  857-277-0531
Cell: 508-331-8083