Chartwell Partner Tony Trozzolillo Secures Defense Verdict in $7 Million Medical Malpractice Trial

Anthony P. Trozzolillo

ANTHONY P. TROZZOLILLO concentrates his litigation practice in medical malpractice, trucking litigation, personal injury, products liability, premises liability, and employment law and discrimination. Mr. Trozzolillo has successfully and routinely tried to verdict a variety of complex cases throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. Prior to joining the team at Chartwell, Mr. Trozzolillo was a partner at another law firm and gained the experience and skill-set that helped him to excel in his practice,...

After a two-week jury trial, Chartwell‘s Tony Trozzolillo obtained a defense verdict in a very difficult medical malpractice case.
The Plaintiff was born prematurely at just 26 weeks gestation, weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces.  Because of his prematurity and low birth weight, the Plaintiff developed Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), a disease of the eye. Unfortunately, the Plaintiff’s ROP did not, as is often the case, regress on its own, and, despite timely evaluation, it resulted in retinal detachment and total blindness.
The plaintiff was represented by Kline & Specter, a large Pennsylvania personal injury law firm. Plaintiff’s counsel argued that past and future medical expenses for the child exceeded $7 million.
Despite the child’s great misfortune and the intense sympathy that everyone involved in this case felt for the child’s condition, Mr. Trozzolillo was able to convince the members of the jury that the actions of Chartwell’s client, a well-known Pennsylvania hospital, were not the "cause in fact” of Plaintiff’s injuries.
"I empathize deeply with the child and his family”, said Mr. Trozzolillo. "This was a very sad situation, but I appreciate that the jury saw the distinction between a bad outcome and legal culpability for the same.”
Mr. Trozzolillo has a 20 year history of litigating some of the toughest cases in Pennsylvania against some of the most prominent plaintiff’s firms. Last year, Mr. Trozzolillo won a defense verdict in a $20 million case after a 7 week jury trial.
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